The Real Deal of Sales with Hubspot

K, peeps!

I’m very excited to announce the Real Deal of Sales Sales Channel in partnership with Hubspot.

The Real Deal of Sales is a sale channel about and for sales people. The people in the field. The people sweating, hustling and grinding to quota every month and every quarter.

I’m hitting the road and going around the country to interview sales people. I’m gonna be talking to salespeople of all types, SDRs, inbound, outbound, AE’s and even first line sales managers.

We want to hear your stories. We want to know why salespeople become salespeople. What got them started, how they do what they do, what are their most embarrassing moments, what do they find most difficult, what advice do they have for other salespeople and more?

Sales is a misunderstood profession. We’re chastised, ridiculed, and envied all at the same time.  It takes a special badass to truly be a good salesperson and The Real Deal of Sales was built to pay homage to the profession and the people who are doing the sales grind every day.

We’ll be posting candid, straight shooting video interviews with salespeople all around the country so you can hear and learn that you’re not alone.

Go here and subscribe. This is gonna be fun.




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