Sales Coaching and Quota Attainment


I went public recently arguing that sales coaching offered the greatest opportunity for sales organizations to accelerate sales in 2017. You can see my very public declaration here. You know me, I don’t hold back when I make a prediction.

But in this case, my declaration isn’t enough. I want more.

In spite of my bullish outlook on the power of coaching salespeople in driving and exceeding quota,  I wanted to know more. I wanted concrete data on coaching in the sales world, particularly on quota attainment through rep development. And of course, I couldn’t find very much.

Therefore, in typical Keenan fashion, I’ve decided to find out or myself.

To do it,  A Sales Guy has created a short, yet powerful survey to help us get to the bottom of it.

We’re not only gonna get to the answers around coaching salespeople and salespeople success. We’re going further than that.  We’re looking to assess the demand for coaching from sales people, we’re looking to measure the desire of leaders to coach, we’re looking to understand the amount of coaching currently happening and more. We’re even hoping to find out the general feeling about sales coaching in sales organizations.

We want it all and we’re going deep to get it. But, we need your help. We can’t get there without you and others in the sales community.

We need your help. We’re calling on all sales people and sales leaders to help us uncover what’s really happening in the world of sales coaching, by simply asking you to take this 3-4 minute survey.  That’s it. It’s easy, fast and will help us help you.

Help us uncover what’s really going on in the world of sales when it comes to sales coaching and salesperson development.

It’s ONLY TAKES 3-4 minutes and you can do it straight from here.

Thanks peeps, I knew I could count on you.

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