Obesity and the Belly-Fat Controversy

Lean and Flat Belly dream is a possibility for both male and female and should rather become the ultimate goal of healthy people. Popular Scientific Research has unearthed many potent facts that relate to belly fat and obesity in general. Obesity is a problem that is afflicting about 40% or so of the United States population. Other parts of the world especially in countries such as the EU have this problem as well and are quickly beginning to awaken to the health hazards associated with the condition.

Obesity is described as a condition where excess fat accumulates in the body to the degree where it becomes a health hazard. Health maladies associated with obesity include loss of energy, risk of heart failure and stroke not to mention low self-esteem because the medial peddles the picture of the attractive human being as the one that has a lean look.

There are many reasons which can cause people to have problems with fat especially belly fat. One of them is leading a lifestyle that consists of little or no exercise. This can be attributed to societies where people choose to drive rather than walk when it comes to short distances. Then there are those who spend excessive hours on the TV all while indulging in high fat diets. We also cannot rule out those that end up being obese because of genetic reasons which cause their bodies to accumulate more fat than necessary.

There are few things one can do to fight against belly fat. One tactic is exercise. This need not be complicated or costly. One can substitute their gym membership for simply walking or running around their compound. Another form of exercise is engaging in push-ups and sit-ups.

Eating right is also high on the list of tactics to employ against belly fat. Making a point to read every food label is paramount if one is to choose wisely and avoid those foods with high cholesterol.

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