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ONLINE Digital Marketing Services RATES
Our ONLINE Digital Marketing Services is charged by the hour. Industry standard rate is between $50/hr to $100/hr. But we are running a Seasonal Promo and our rate is now $20/day. We can give more discount if you subscribe for multiple months.
For free Digital Marketing Services on social Networks, Classified Sites and Mobile Apps, Search engine optimization, Online Directory submission, and Blogging, etc. Buy our Online Digital Marketing Services and get free ad space on our Newspaper!
1 DAY = $20
1WK* = $100, *1 WEEK = 6 days; Mon-Sat
1MTH = $300
3MTHS = $800
6MTHS = $1,500
12MTHS = $2,900
NOTE: Our rates do not include Paid-Advertising cost for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc We will negotiate on request.

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iPromosMedia is a Media firm specializing in Digital Marketing Services, Publishing, Web Development, Advertising, Marketing & Sales. We are an affordable Platform to DOUBLE your Sales and Increase your ROI. We can help you make more sales by driving traffic to your website or online store. We can promote your business; products and services to both online and offline marketplace. With just $20, we can start something good for you.

Wondering why you are not making good sales? Wondering why your brand is not performing well in the marketplace, even though your products and services are better than your competition? Your Products and services are swallowed up by your competition because they spend so much time and funds in their brand promotion. If you are reading this then you now have the key to win back your position in the marketplace, just act today and dominate your niche with us. Give us a try and count your blessings.

We will help you to sell your products on Internet marketplaces including Craigslist, Facebook, EBay, Amazon, OfferUp, LetGo, Close5, Etsy, Bonanza, Rakuten and Sears etc. We will help setup Online Ads for your products and services including Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. We will conduct SEO and SEM for your Website and online Store; we will make your business rank better on Google, Bing and other major search engines. We will make your business visible to your potential online customers. Your products and Services will be easily found by your customers and clients.

Are you a victim of a failed offline promotion, direct mail or Media Buy? We have found the secret to a failed offline promotion and we are ready to help you promote your brand, products and services offline using our iPromoNewspaper; a monthly promotions newspaper in Orlando distributed freely by direct mail to target homeowners. We make sure your Ad doesn’t look like an Ad. We make sure your Ad does not end up in trash. Our strategy is very simple and straightforward. We make sure we send your Ad to wealthy homeowners and decision makers.

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