3 Belly Fat Activators To Avoid On Your Way To A Flat And Firm Midsection

Belly Fat Activator #1
Flips ON Your Menopause Molecules Making It Darn Near
IMPOSSIBLE To Lose Belly Fat
Most women think ‘more is better’. The more you exercise, the more fat comes off. It just makes logical sense, right?




The myth of more exercise is a lie, a trap holding you back from ever seeing your flat, firm belly again.

In fact, working out more causes your body to pile on fat at an alarming rate. Why?

Because your menopause molecules trigger your hormones to go haywire and your metabolism slows down to a crawl.
The Flat Belly Answer?
Simple. Quit the long, boring workouts!

If you’re a woman over 35 you need shorter, more carefully designed movements that work in harmony with your body, your menopause molecules and your metabolism. Keep reading and you’ll uncover a unique type of flat belly movement that flips the switch on your menopause molecules to ‘OFF’, permanently.


Belly Fat Activator #2
TURNS OFF Your Belly Fat
Reducing Hormone
Your body has the ability to naturally burn off belly fat.

Yet, certain exercises work AGAINST your body’s natural instinct and STOP the fat from ever leaving your body.

For example, ever tried side-bends, sit-ups or crunches?

These all go against your body’s natural ability to melt stubborn belly fat.

Stop doing them, like, TODAY!
The Flat Belly Answer?
Did you know it’s actually EASIER for a women over 35 to lose belly fat?

It all depends on whether you use THIS unique ab movement… one that matches up closely to your new hormonal state.

In just a second, I’ll show you a new, totally unique form of flat belly movement that kickstarts your body into naturally burning belly fat by turning back ON your belly fat burning hormone. As soon as tonight, if you want.

Belly Fat Activator #3
Wreaks HAVOC On Your Metabolism
Think the fastest way to a flat, firm belly is sweating bullets on the treadmill?

You’ll be relieved to know LESS is more. Yes… no more elliptical training, cardio or aching joints from early morning jogging.

Amazingly, all of these popular exercises work AGAINST your body’s natural fat-burning ability.

Worse still, they weaken your heart, speed up the aging process and result in unsightly ‘skinny fat’ all over your body.
The Flat Belly Answer?
There’s a much smarter way to move around and it tightens and firms your body instead of leaving behind droopy fat (like regular cardio).

In a moment you’ll see how this special exercise CRANKS UP your metabolism, triggering your body to burn off fat automatically.

(Best part? Your body will actually burn fat while you sit on the couch, while you’re taking a bath, heck… Even while you’re asleep!)

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