23-Sec Belly Flattening Secret

The abs and biceps have often be rated as the most attractive muscles by women in most surveys conducted by health and fitness magazines. The reason for this is that it’s extremely difficult to get a set of ‘visible six pack abs’. The key word being visible.

You could do a million crunches, leg raises and other weird ab exercises but if your six pack is hidden under a layer of fat on your belly, then in reality, all you’ll have is a one pack. Definitely not attractive by any means.



The 0-6 Pack Abs product is unique in the sense that it focuses on losing the fat and making your abs pop out in the full glory – at the same time. It is different from the run-of-the-mill abs guides that either focus on fat loss or training the midsection. 0-6 Pack Abs teaches you to train your body so that it works synergistically.

Created by a fitness expert, Tyler Bramlett and a doctor, James Vegher, you can rest assured that you are getting advice and training techniques that are safe and reliable. You do not want to be doing weird ab contractions that will make you throw out your back.

The Good Points:
1) The most important point is that this product is safe to use. It’s good for newbies and veterans alike. Unlike TRX training which focuses on the core and is more suitable for people with moderate to expert level fitness, this product is good for anybody who wishes to have a six pack.

2) There is a 100 percent money back guarantee. The risk is totally on the seller. Give the program a try and if it doesn’t satisfy you, at least you’re covered by the money back guarantee. However, the product has an extremely low refund rate so it must work.

3) You get a manual, videos and mp3s. So, if you hate reading, you can count on the videos to guide you. You’re covered either. This is very thoughtful of the creators. Most programs currently being sold come in PDF format and many people just do not have the patience or inclination to sit and read a 200 page guide. Videos and audios make the process simpler and more fun.

4) The program has been tested on several clients and has been proven to work. This is not untested theory that only sounds good on paper. Since, Tyler, used to be a personal trainer, he has first-hand knowledge of what works in reality and the difficulties actual people face in the real world.

5) The program does not require a gym membership or hours of slaving and sweating away. The programs are quick and employ a variety of exercises designed to melt the fat, work the abs and get you the six-pack. The focus is NOT on doing crunches or sit-ups till your hair turns white.

The Bad Points:

1) This program will require work. It is a diet and training program. Buying it alone will not get you a six pack. You must apply the knowledge within to enjoy the benefits.

2) The product is only available online and you will have to download it. That can be a problem to people who do not have an internet connection.
Should You Get It?

You should.

Tyler seems trustworthy and knows his stuff. He runs a fitness website with thousands of followers and has other best-selling programs such as Bodyweight Flow and CT-50.

The 0-6 Pack Abs has quick start video guides, video workouts, different phases, bonuses and much more. You’re definitely getting a comprehensive, high-quality program here.
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